THE EMPEROR OF TOURISM: The Romans Reign Supreme as Winners of the Liverpool Independent Tourism Business of the Year 2022!

"The Emperor of Tourism: The Romans Reign Supreme as Winners of the Liverpool Independent Tourism Business of the Year 2022!"

Salve! Loyal subjects of Rome! The buzz of our Roman-themed activity park echoes far and wide, for we have emerged victorious at this year’s Liverpool Tourism Awards, receiving the esteemed Independent Tourism Business of the Year award!

Our 75,000 square foot park, hidden deep within a secret wooded location, is a wondrous spectacle of sustainability, powered entirely by environmentally friendly means without a drop of electricity or fuel to run. Thus, we offer our guests an authentic experience that takes them back in time while staying true to our commitment to the environment.

But, our devotion to Mother Nature does not end there. In a bold move this year, we changed our policy on arrivals by car, preventing around 222k grams of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every week. Instead, we offer a coach service from the World Museum, Liverpool, to our concealed woodland retreat.

When you visit us, you shall be whisked away to AD43, where a Roman invasion awaits. Fear not, for your capture will be your salvation. You shall be given a chance to earn your FREEDOM, and in doing so, take part in some of the most exhilarating Roman-themed games and challenges, brought to life with captivating storytelling, live actors, and gruesome props.

Founder, Joe Clarke, declares, “We are thrilled to be receiving such positive feedback from our guests and to be honoured with the LCRT Award for Independent Tourism Business of the Year.”

“The Romans brings to life one of the most fascinating times in history. It allows guests to step back in time and walk in the footsteps of Gladiators. To forget about the outside world for a little bit and have some brutally good fun”

Now, hear this! not only have we received this honour, but also the esteemed commendations of our visitors on Tripadvisor – seated majestically atop the summit of Fun & Games in Liverpool (number 1!)

As one reviewer proclaimed, “The experience is phenomenal for a group of friends or for a team-building exercise for companies. Adrenaline inducing! Excellent fun!” Another joyfully declared, “The Romans was AMAZING! We had the best time and laughed from start to finish. The team were great fun and made the whole experience.”

The Romans shall open its gates soon for the new season, promising an even grander, more formidable, and more exhilarating experience in 2023! Prepare thyself for a time of unparalleled amusement and adventure that shall be etched in thy memory forevermore!


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