I am the Mouth of Truth. I am a God and I am one brutally honest mother f*cker!

I bite the hands off liars. Come near me with any porkies and my rocky maw will send you into the shadow realm.

Below, I have given my brutally honest answers to your most frequently answered questions.

If you still need help you can whats app me (I’m omnipresent).


You can book directly through our website.

Simply choose your preferred date & time, give your approximate group numbers and pay your £100 deposit (subject to availability).

REMEMBER, people are travelling from all over the Empire to get a piece of this action, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Your remaining balance is due 28 days before your event start time.

Indeed. Building an army of lean mean barbarian slaying machines takes time.

Give us an estimated number of people attending now and the final numbers, along with remaining balance will be due in 28 days before your chosen date.

Our standard Soldier ticket is £59.50, Centurion £69.50 and Emperor £89.50

You can find what’s included in each package HERE

Just two peak slots available. Simple & easy.

11:15am or 1:15pm.

This choice is yours.

You can, but they better have a good excuse for not taking part in the games!

You can bring up to 5 spectators along to watch your group play the event.

Each spectator will have to pay a concessions entry ticket of £29.50 which includes transport to and from the park (additional supplement charged for packages which include food & drink).

If you are to bring along people, we would need this request via whats app or email no later than 28 days before the event date.

Yes, but the hourglass is ticking. You can request a change of date/time up to 4 weeks out from your chosen date.

REMEMBER, people are travelling from all over the Empire to get a piece of this action, so any changes will be subject to availability.

Cancel!? That’s blasphemy. Deserter! Yeah you can cancel up to 4 weeks out from your event.

You will however lose your deposit and your hand if you dare to put it anywhere near my mouth.

Yes. Deposits are non refundable.

Deposits will secure your chosen date and time so no one else can take it. So, if you haven’t already, put your denari where your mouth is and get it booked!


Approximately 2 hours.

Just 2 hours to turn a group of lowly plebs into gladiators. I shall pray to Mars for you!

Approximately 3 hours. This accounts for a 30 minute journey there and a 30 minute journey back. Plus, your two hours at The Romans.

You want me to peel you some grapes while I’m at it!? The Emperor is less demanding than you:

  1. Journey to The Romans (30 mins)
    Plebs will be briefed on the 10 laws of Rome and prepared for the games
  2. The Games (75-90 mins)
    Captured on arrival and given the chance to win your freedom in the games. Victory is for the taking!
  3. Food & Drink (30-45 mins)
    When in Rome, do as The Romans do!
  4. Journey back to the Town Square (30 mins)
    You arrived at a pleb and will return a gladiator. It’s time to party like it’s AD43 with a coach sing-a-long and merry making.

Minimum number of people is 8 plebs.

Get on your war horse and gallop into the town square. A rally cry for more plebs is needed!

If that fails you can spread the cost of 8 people across your group size (minimum of 6 people needed to play).

We take cards, contactless, apple pay and cash on site.

There is no ATM so be prepared with any money you need whether that be card or cash.

What do you picture when you think of Rome? Gleaming white marble temples and lavish palaces? Well you’re not going there, mate.

You are going to a mysterious little known Roman outpost in the woods.

There are no changing rooms or showers, but we can make a temporary changing room available if you would like to get changed into your toga.

For anyone requiring use of this just request it on whats app or email ahead of your visit.

We also have eco-friendly compostable toilets.

COMBUSTIBLE exploding toilets were commonplace in ancient Rome (google it, very gross but very funny). Lucky for you we have COMPOSTABLE ones.

Compostable is eco friendly and keeps Fauna, the God of woodlands happy.

It is also not too far removed from how the ancient Romans used to go.

When in Rome, Poo as the Romans Poo.

Yes, but within the Roman theme ONLY! I’m 2,200-year-old, I’ve seen it all mate. But I never saw anyone running around Rome in a mankini or tutu.

How about a horde of wild barbarians, a tribe of celts, a fierce troupe of gladiatrix, gods or goddesses (we have about 8 million of them to choose from).

Check out our shop here for some more ideas. Immersive yourself into the experience!

Our games are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

This child may be the next Maximus Meridius Decimus. We want to keep them safe.

However, they can take part as spectators. Become part of the baying mob. Immersive themselves in the spectacle and feast on copious amounts of food. Eating for two now!

We have togas for days! Shapes and sizes to fit everyone.

Any special requests can be made via whats app or email booked ahead of your time slot/date.

You can also try our shop HERE

We used to let Giraffes, Wild Leopards and Bulls fight in the coliseum. We aren’t about to start putting in barriers to entry now – Commodus would be turning in his grave!

No weight limits and as for age it is 18 to 65 years old.

You will all be provided with a standard issue toga. Think of a potato sack with 3 holes cut into it. High end peasant fashion.

This will go over the clothing you arrive in, so make sure it’s light and comfortable.

For anyone wanting to upgrade your tog check out our shop.

We advise you to arrive in the clothes you are playing in and to come as light as possible with only essential belongings.

Personal belongings can be locked in a small chest, but The Romans accept no responsibility for the safety of them during this time.

The Romans are cleared to play in any weather conditions. Come rain or shine…THE GAMES GO ON!

Only in extreme conditions when it is deemed unsafe will your booking be cancelled.


Yes. Games are varied into physical, team games & just plain silly. Girls, Boys, Men, Women, Nan & Grandad – you name it and they can probably play it.

This is also a very entertaining spectator event.

Your transformation from lowly Pleb to Gladiator will involve a variety of games.

Skill, Mental, Physical & Team Games. Victory is for the taking!

What would you like to see? A hero’s welcome? Applause? Shall we lay rose petals wherever they walk?

Or would you like to see them squirm and cringe? I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Our Gladiator trainer Doctore has a black belt in humiliation. This is a spectacle that is not to be missed!


The Peasant Wagon. Yes, I’m calling you a peasant.

Transfers via the peasant wagon is the ONLY way to get to The Romans. We transport you directly to the gates (return journey included).

William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EL

Check in point is outside the Central Library & Museum. Take a seat on the steps and say your prayers to Jupiter.

The short answer is NO. Strictly forbidden by the mighty Emperor.

The Romans is a secret location in the woods, with no address, no car park and no access.

All you need to do is get to the Pick Up Point and we will take care of the rest.

*If you travelling from the other side of the river just drop us a whats app or email”*

You’re coming from the other side of the river? You’re not a barbarian, are you?

There is a secret meeting point for plebs like you. We will allow you entry on this occasion.

Just message via whats app or email and I will reveal the secret location.

The Peasant Wagon transfers take approximately 30 minutes per journey.

William Brown Street to The Romans – approx 30 minutes
The Romans to William Brown Street – approx 30 minutes

The type of chariot that you will be on will vary from week to week depending on the number of people that will be attending.

Toilets will vary on what chariot you are in. So, it is advised that you go to the public toilets in the World Museum or Public Library directly opposite the Pick Up Point before your departure.

We do. Please click HERE for the Peasant Wagon timetable.

Yes. You are a peasant with privileges!

The Peasant Wagon is included as standard with every package (return journey included).

We do it for you. Once you have booked your time slot, you will be sent out your Peasant Wagon timetable.

All you need to do is get your group there on time. Any plebs who don’t make it before the departure time will be EXILED…….for all eternity.

If you make it out of the games alive. And that’s a colossal IF my friend. You will be granted your freedom.

This means only one thing. We going to party like it’s AD43 baby!

Time to hop back onto the Peasant Wagon and celebrate in a roman sing-a-longs and merry making.

Yeah sure! I’ll send a reclining sofa up to your hotel room too shall I? Have four of the Emperor’s guards carry you down the flights of stairs on it feeding you grapes.

Get your peasant ass to the Pick Up Point with the rest of the plebs!


Like the scraps and leftovers do you? We’re all over here having a gluttonous Sausage Feast and you’re trying to extract some bone marrow from a leftover chicken drumstick. SHAME!

We strongly recommend pre-ordering your food. Pour a little hennessy for our guy Bacchus the Party God and let’s ride this BBQ until the chariot wheels come off!

Did you know we have a GOD (Bacchus) for drinking and partying? What would Bacchus think if we didn’t have a bar on site?

What do you think his Dad, Jupiter would do? Smite me down into a million pieces, perhaps?

Yes we have a bar!

Well for you I would recommend our ancient Peasants drink – Posca.

If I was speaking to someone in the patrician class I would tell them to try our Roman themed cocktail of the week.

Get your lips around CAESARS SAUSAGE! A juicy Bavarian flame grilled sausage. Very similar to the ancient Lucian sausage you would see in ancient Rome.

Flamed over charcoal on a mammoth Bavarian Swing Grill. Caesars Greatest Hits Vol XI in the background. Goblet of Posca in hand. For Jupiters sake I’m getting hungry!

For all the hordearii in the group, we have veggie and vegan options too.

Thinking of bringing a little gift for The Emperor, are you?

Bringing your own alcohol is strictly forbidden! Any alcohol found will be confiscated and offered up to the GODS (and you know how much Bachhus likes a drink).