Set in 1500 square metres of space within the grounds of Bootle Football Club, we are aware The Romans activity park has an impact on the surrounding area. We work hard to ensure this impact is positive so that our local communities, the surrounding environment and the local economy benefit from our presence. These are just some of the areas we cover:

Local communities & Employment

We organise charity events and support charities in various ways throughout the year. In partnership with Bootle FC we will endeavour to develop events and activities to support the club and various causes for positive local impact.

Our policy is to provide opportunities, such as apprenticeships for people and to recruit from the local area whenever possible – rather than from further a field – and we have set targets to help us maintain and monitor this.

We work closely with The Princes Trust to ensure we are a responsible employer who seeks to help disadvantaged young people and those in need of support.

Local economy

The Romans is responsible for attracting a significant number of visitors to the Aintree/Bootle area of LIverpool.. A member of our senior management team will engage with local  businesses and tourism bodies to ensure they benefit from the presence of The Romans Activity Park. We will work in close partnership with Sefton and Liverpool Councils to raise the profile of Aintree/Bootle as a visitor and business destination. We aim to generate substantial income for the local area through our direct and indirect spending. We actively seek to use local suppliers and labour wherever possible. 

The environment

We know we impact the local environment in various ways – with noise, traffic and waste. To help minimise this we have an environmental officer who monitors our activities such as any impact on traffic and our recycling capabilities. We will support local litter picking to help maintain the appearance of the local area.