Let’s be honest ladies, everyone loves a good hen party, right? Whether you are into the party scene, the relax at a spa scene or just whatever tickles your fancy, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves. I think all of us, at least once in our lives, have been to a party/hen do that may have not been exactly what you were hoping for.

After some intense research and in-depth knowledge of the women world we gained feedback from ladies across various parts of the country, trying to find out what sorts of things are most important to them for a hen party. Of course, you all want to have fun but what about the more in-depth stuff, like food? Drinks? Music? And if you would like a Hunky Gladiator around…. MOST DEFINITELY!

The average age range for hen dos can obviously depend on how old the Brides friends and family are, we found the most popular age range to be between 25-34. So, what was important to them?

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So, let’s start off with something everyone loves, music! Whether it’s Justin Bieber, Madonna or Queen, we all have our own preference when it comes to music however, for hen dos the most popular seems to be a tie between Pop and Hip Hop. This makes sense as it’s most of the music played when you are on a night out, that alongside side the occasional cotton-eyed-joe.

So now for the best bits FOOD & DRINKS! Not to sound too stereotypical here ladies but the top answers I already guessed. Pizza, I mean you can’t go wrong with pizza…but you can if its Pineapple… no pineapple!  (sorry for any offence caused) along with BBQ! Everyone loves a good BBQ and the smell of juicy burgers and sausages, don’t worry if you are a vegan/veggie reading this and want to be involved in a BBQ at your hen do, Quorn and Linda McCartney have a delicious range of meat free replacements.

Gin and Cocktails! Top answers all around, I mean quite typical really, but I must admit my favourite is a good Pink Gin and lemonade or a Sex on the beach! Cocktails are great, apart from the fact you feel like you are drinking a lovely fruity drink next minute you’re drunk off your t**s…all good fun though! Cocktails are great for hen parties, as you can incorporate a Cocktail masterclass or just experiment on your own free will. Wine is not so popular alongside these top picks however; I know some of you love to have a good glass of wine! So, we won’t rule that one out.

Let’s move onto the more ‘physical’ things. So, I already know most of you would prefer to see hunky men around…I don’t blame you! But when it comes to actual games which do you prefer? Most of our ladies voted for more physical games and challenges, which is great for the Romans activity park as we have lots of games and challenges available, alongside team games and puzzle solving.

Costumes? Not for everyone but a lot of you would wear one if given the chance. So how about it, would you wear a costume for your hen party looking like the best Goddess around?

Prices always seems to get us all, we don’t all want to pay hundreds of pounds for a good time, you can do that on a £3 bottle of wine just fine, so why would you pay an extortionate amount elsewhere? Majority of ladies would only prefer to pay between £30-£40 per person, a perfect price for the Romans Hen party!

(Photo Credit: Barcroft VT)

Location, location, location! Is the location of a venue important to you? Well of course because I wouldn’t fancy travelling miles to end up in a dodgy abandoned building. Most of the ladies we asked said that the location of our venue is important to them whilst others disagreed. I guess location all depends on how far it is from you. Luckily for you distance doesn’t matter when it comes to the Romans, as we offer a shuttle service to pick you up from your preferred destination to our park. 96% of ladies we asked are interested in this service, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity? Saves all the faffing around with expensive taxis and unreliable public transport!

The important things to consider during a hen do is very important to us and to you. Gaining a real insight into our potential audience has given us the feedback required to create an unforgettable hen party experience! Ultimate packages and offers you can’t refuse!

Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and offers! If you have any preferences for your hen do or just have that amazing idea you want to push forward – drop us a message today! https://www.theromans.co.uk/pages/contact-us

Thanks again to the lovely ladies for taking part in our survey!  

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