Nude Gladiator Life Drawing

Nude Gladiator Life Drawing

Why are we hosting a life drawing class at The Romans? Because we invented, that’s why!

We have all seen these magnificent Roman sculptures striking powerful poses, haven’t we?. They are everywhere. Have you ever seen them wearing clothes? We didn’t think so. 

So, Nude Life Drawing at The Romans makes perfect sense now doesn’t it!

(maybe it was cold outside that day).

Popular subjects for sculptures included gods and goddesses, philosophers & famous generals. Our class however will be a little different……

You will be drawing a Gladiator……………But oops he has forgotten his toga!

Though often dismissed as uncivilized brutes by Roman historians, the gladiators won massive fame among the people of Rome. They were also renowned for their ability to make Roman women swoon. 

You will be happy to hear our Gladiators have the same effect on our Hen parties. We have a small army of them around the park who look like the great God Jupiter himself has carved them with a magical hammer & chisel. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well it gets better……..

Your class will be hosted by an in house art teach/critic in our lavish palace the ”Domus Palazzo”. A beautiful space with velvet curtains, backdrops and candlelight.

It backs on to it’s own secret Pompeii inspired Garden where you can sip on cocktails before, during & after your class (The Romans were all about excess remember?)

So, now your sweating thinking about naked chiseled Gladiators and your mouth is watering imagining yourself sipping on cocktails in your own secret Roman Garden, I will take this opportunity to list what’s included in your Gladiator nude life drawing class:

Nude Gladiator Life Drawing Overview 

  • 60 Minute Nude Gladiator Life Drawing Class 
  • 30 Minute Gladiator Servant service & ice breaker games
  • Bottle of Bubbly for the best drawing masterpiece 
  • Stand out moments for Hen
  • 1 x Chiseled Gladiator 
  • 1 x Roman Art Teacher/Critic 
  • Canvass & Drawing Materials 
  • Your Own Private Roman Life Drawing Palace “Domus Palazzo”
  • Access to the private Pompeii inspired“Secret Garden” for cocktails 

Suppose you’re wondering how much this all costs now, aren’t you? Well we have not disappointed so far and we are not about to start now…….

All this for just £30pp! You will not find a life drawing class like this anywhere else. This is totally unique and exclusive to The Romans in Liverpool. 

There is one drawback however. There is only one Domus & Secret Roman Garden on the grounds of the park so dates & in particular time slots are limited. 

So, what are you waiting for? Time waits for no goddess (unless you are Hylia the Goddess of Time, of course)

Reserve your spot today and take your place in the Hen Party history books!

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