Gladiator School Experience

Gladiator School Experience

Throw down like a bona fide Gladiator in The Romans brand new Gladiator School – new for 2020.

The self contained arena is inspired by the ancient Gladiator Schools of Rome and is just a stone’s throw away from our very own Coliseum were only our very best Gladiators will compete to become immortalised in The Romans history books. 

In this fully immersive experience you will be able to walk in the footsteps of Gladiators under the guidance of our local lanista Bruto who will turn you from lowly pleb to lean mean barbrain slaying machine.

The Gladiator School is the gateway to the hugely popular Emperor’s Games (8 Roman themed games & challenges). Using live actors, this is a fully immersive experience that will fire up you and your legion up before being unleashed onto the games.

A great addition to the hugely popular Emperor’s Games, this promises an even bigger, better and more theatrical experience for visitors to The Romans in 2020. 

If you are lucky stardom awaits, the crowd will chant your name and you will win your freedom. For gladiators who aren’t so lucky, a lifetime of hard labour building our new park in Barcelona awaits. Joking of course!

Gladiator School Overview 

  • Immersive Gladiator School with live actors 
  • Wear and use traditional clothing and training weapons
  • Learn ancient fighting techniques 

**** Gladiator School Experience can be booked as a stand alone activity for children’s parties. For adult bookings such as Hen/Stag/Birthdays this is included in your ticket price and is combined with The Emperors Games.

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