If you are lucky enough to have bagged yourself tickets to this exclusive event – you probably have some questions, right? Well lucky for you we have you covered! Take a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions.

Can I bring my own food?

Food is not allowed to be brought in by visitors however, we do have food available throughout the event. We will be offering a vegan/veggie option and for others a BBQ, alongside a pic n mix stand for the kids.

What happens upon arrival?

Once you arrive at the park there will be a member of staff to greet you on the corner and check you in. Once check in is compete you will be free to enter the park and let your hair down, grab some food/ drink and even make a start on the Emperor Trail.

Will I need to bring any money for the event?

We will have a selection of food and drinks – including pic n mix, BBQ, Vegan/Vegetarian, Tea/Coffee and alcoholic. Prices vary depending on what you buy but start as little as £1.

Is there a car park?

We don’t have a car park on site however, there are many local transport links nearby such as Aintree station or bus stops– plus it will help if you are wanting a drink.

Are there any toilets?

There are toilets located just outside of the football club – just out of the park gate on your right. There will be signs to help locate these or you can ask a member of staff for directions.

How long will the event last for?

The event will start around 12pm and finish around 3pm – however, if you wish to arrive earlier you are more than welcome to, just drop us a message so we know who to expect.

Will I need to bring anything?

Apart from yourselves and some loose change for buying food/drink you won’t need to bring anything to the event – everything is taken care of.

Will there be tea or coffee?

We have teamed up with one of the best coffee brands ‘Joe Black’ and will be serving you both Tea and Coffee from the bar. Prices may vary so just ask a member of staff for prices, alternatively we will have our chalk board on show with all prices.

How do I get in contact with someone on the day?

Attending an event can sometimes get a little tricky with late pick-ups, transport delays and other dilemmas. If you for some reason need to get in touch with someone on the day, please call 0151 515 1409.

If you require any further info – drop us a message on Facebook or email us at

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