Gladiator School Experience

Throw down like a bona fide Gladiator in The Romans brand new Gladiator School – new for 2020. The self contained arena is inspired by the ancient Gladiator Schools of Rome and is just a stone’s throw away from our very own Coliseum were only our very best Gladiators will compete to become immortalised in The Romans history books.  In this fully immersive experience you will be able to walk in the footsteps of Gladiators under the guidance of our local lanista Bruto who will turn you from lowly pleb to lean mean barbrain slaying machine. The Gladiator School is

Barcelona 2020

We aim for our experience to be as authentically Roman as possible and this means acting, behaving & thinking like Romans. So, naturally expansion of our little Roman Empire was inevitable!  This April we open our brand new territory in Barcelona. The Romans will be located at the huge 140,000 square metre Odena Village (just 35 minutes from the city centre). This beautiful nature reserve will have a specially designed Gladiator School, Emperors Games Arena & wait for it……a Roman Encampment! You and your legion can now stay overnight in our brand new comfortable and stylish Roman tents and tipis

Nude Gladiator Life Drawing

Why are we hosting a life drawing class at The Romans? Because we invented, that’s why! We have all seen these magnificent Roman sculptures striking powerful poses, haven’t we?. They are everywhere. Have you ever seen them wearing clothes? We didn’t think so.  So, Nude Life Drawing at The Romans makes perfect sense now doesn’t it! Popular subjects for sculptures included gods and goddesses, philosophers & famous generals. Our class however will be a little different…… You will be drawing a Gladiator……………But oops he has forgotten his toga! Though often dismissed as uncivilized brutes by Roman historians, the gladiators won


Let’s be honest ladies, everyone loves a good hen party, right? Whether you are into the party scene, the relax at a spa scene or just whatever tickles your fancy, the most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves. I think all of us, at least once in our lives, have been to a party/hen do that may have not been exactly what you were hoping for. After some intense research and in-depth knowledge of the women world we gained feedback from ladies across various parts of the country, trying to find out what sorts of things are most important


If you are lucky enough to have bagged yourself tickets to this exclusive event – you probably have some questions, right? Well lucky for you we have you covered! Take a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions. Can I bring my own food? Food is not allowed to be brought in by visitors however, we do have food available throughout the event. We will be offering a vegan/veggie option and for others a BBQ, alongside a pic n mix stand for the kids. What happens upon arrival? Once you arrive at the park there will be


Looking for something different to do this June, something that will be fun for the whole family? Well look no further The Romans have you covered! We want to celebrate the launch of our brand new #minitakeover part of our Mini Roman brand. We have been working around the clock to bring you the best of the best and what better way than a FREE event. Yes, that’s right! A FREE EVENT.   There will be something for everyone including a BBQ, Live DJ, Drinks, Emperor Trail, Live Performances and much more! Persuaded? Well if that hasn’t got your fancy

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