Caesars Cage – New for 2022

Caesars Cage – New for 2022

The annual Romans Senate meeting took place recently in Liverpool. 

Top the Emperor’s agenda was how we can improve The Emperor’s Games in 2022? 

How can the number one rated outdoor activity on Tripadvisor in Liverpool be even better than last year? 

Not an easy task – but we all know what a thumbs down from the Emperor means. 

So, we got to work!

Enter “Caesars Cage”

A 7500 square foot cage with a giant roof. A roof so big even Jupiter the God of storms could not penetrate it. 

This towering structure looms over the historic village of Woolton and will host great battles and spectacles from all over the land.

This means a totally weather proof Romans experience for all our plebs in 2022!

A colossal addition to the hugely popular Emperor’s Games, I’m sure you’ll agree. But, we didn’t stop there!

Another addition galloping into town is a stallion by the name of Incitatus. This is the personal horse of the Emperor, Caligula.  He has a stable of marble, a collar of precious stones and is fed a diet of oats sprinkled with gold flakes. 

But, he’s lost and has found himself surrounded by plebs and barbarians in Caesars Cage. Plebs who are brave enough to saddle the unhinged beast will have to stay on long enough to make it back to his stable (all while being violently thrown through the air!). 

And, last but not least, we’ve shipped in some historic props for momentous selfies that will be talked about from all around the empire . 

2022 promises an even bigger, better and more historic experience this year!

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