Barcelona 2020

Barcelona 2020

We aim for our experience to be as authentically Roman as possible and this means acting, behaving & thinking like Romans. So, naturally expansion of our little Roman Empire was inevitable! 

This April we open our brand new territory in Barcelona. The Romans will be located at the huge 140,000 square metre Odena Village (just 35 minutes from the city centre). This beautiful nature reserve will have a specially designed Gladiator School, Emperors Games Arena & wait for it……a Roman Encampment!

You and your legion can now stay overnight in our brand new comfortable and stylish Roman tents and tipis for the full experience.

Unlike ancient Rome, our encampment has all the mod cons you can expect from a quality hotel with brand new toilets, showers and a shop for all your last minute needs.

We have space for up to 100 would-be gladiators and Roman goddesses and as well as the exciting Gladiator School & Emperor Games, you will get to stay in your own 4-pleb tent and enjoy live music, a campfire, toasted marshmallows and a party like only the Romans can throw!

We will be taking bookings for this very soon. To be the first to be notified make sure to apply for roman citizenship below with your email address!

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