Looking for something different to do this June, something that will be fun for the whole family? Well look no further The Romans have you covered!

We want to celebrate the launch of our brand new #minitakeover part of our Mini Roman brand. We have been working around the clock to bring you the best of the best and what better way than a FREE event. Yes, that’s right! A FREE EVENT.  

There will be something for everyone including a BBQ, Live DJ, Drinks, Emperor Trail, Live Performances and much more!

Persuaded? Well if that hasn’t got your fancy let me give you 5 reasons why you should attend this exclusive event!


I mean who doesn’t want to go to an event if its free huh? I would. Keeping the kids entertained can be challenging at the best of times without having to folk out your entire savings. Why not take a chance and do something different, something that costs absolutely nothing and can even include auntie Margaret? You will gain experience of our park in full action and create some amazing memories – all for free, just register using the link below.


There is nothing worse than attending an event that only includes part of the family, activities are usually limited to kids only, we have all been there, especially at play areas – that hour of play can’t get any slower. We thought ‘why not make our event so that everyone can enjoy it’?

At the Crazy Emperor Trail there will be something for everyone, both adults and kids can have a great day! For kids there will be games, trails, live performances, food and for the adults drinks, BBQ and event Kids vs Adult games.


The zoo… the park… play area…. The park…. Sound familiar? We all get caught up in doing the same generic activities with our kids slowly getting bored even quicker than the last time. How about trying something different? Something where you don’t have to pay loads, sit back and watch and be bored out of your mind? How about something that gets you involved and creates some amazing Summer memories for both you and your family.

The Mini Romans combines an amazing journey through History with attention-grabbing games and challenges, something that will get you thinking and want to do more! We want are the first of its kind and want to stand out to the young minds of today and allow them to express their inner adventure.


Are you running low on creative ideas for your kids? Used them all up in half term? Not to worry – the upcoming Mini Roman event will keep the kids entertained for hours!

Not only that but you can sit back and let us do the work. Relax in our beer garden with a drink in hand and a full-frontal view of the kids in the park. Our trained staff and live performers will keep the children entertained and ensure they have a boss day! There are lots of activities, challenges and performances throughout the day – so they will never get bored!


Besides a FREE event there are also other perks from coming to our event. Due to this being the first of many Mini Roman events you can gain access to vouchers and insight info on all our events, even find out when tickets go on sale for the Summer events and bag your tickets early.

Not only that but you will be able to buy some of our amazing merchandise items on sale! More info about these will be released closer to the time. Imagine having your very own Roman sword or branded Tee.

You will be the first to attend such an exclusive event and will even have the chance to be featured in our promotion for future events, telling your story and thoughts of the park. Just remember us when you’re living the dream of internet fame.

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